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Throwback Thursday

This is long overdue. I visited Storm King Arts Center last fall and, on the return trip, stopped at Peekskill Brewery. If you’ve never been to Storm King, here’s what to expect:


I was thirsty after battling Giants and relieved to find local brewing on the waterfront nearby. Peekskill is a more recent entry and frontrunner for craft beer in New York. There is no rush to grow, but rather establish themselves as a destination upstate. The multi-level brewery houses a taproom on the 1st floor, bistro on 2nd, banquet hall in the works and, dare I speculate, a coolship up-top (how cool would that be?). Chief Brewer Jeff O’Neil, the radical behind Flower Power IPA, was lured away from Ithaca Beer Co. with a taste for hops and sours; we have so much in common. Brewery Ambassador Mike gives essentially private tours with half pints of beer for $5 each, which is where I found this gem…


One of many great things about craft beer is that it can’t be outsourced and remains possibly the last sector of American manufacturing to experience any positive growth. The necessary tools are often imported from Germany or Western Europe, but Peekskill went the extra mile and built a brewhouse by way of Portland, OR. That’s Metal. One could argue that pb is so craft they were almost out of beer and food when I arrived on a Sunday but, much like beer itself in New York, I think they’re still deciding who they want to become. The Eastern Standard IPA was standard, their Simple Sour more simple than sour, the kitchen was so slow that entrees were served dry and cold with an appetizer for dessert. That said, I appreciate the vision, not to mention the healthy selection of comrades on tap. In Peekskill’s catalogue, Shotgun Willie drew first; an IPA homage to Willie Nelson. I fully expect a namesake brew for Yngwie Malmsteen by the time I return.


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Good Beer

New York, NY. The city remains the same while times and tastes change. First impression: beer and meatballs are trending. Bars and bodegas have squeezed craft into their awnings or at least replaced the ‘d’ in draft. There’s a slew of specialty beer shops in Manhattan without California growler law to slow them down. NYC never fully recovered from prohibition or Sex and The City—the ghost of Carrie Bradshaw still looms large—but breweries like Captain Lawrence, Sixpoint and Southern Tier are leveling the playing field. Everything that’s small has to grow.*

The most satisfying pour since my return was Green Flash West Coast IPA, courtesy of Good Beer NYC. Home truly is where the hops are. It’s good to know what you’re drinking/where it comes from/how it got to you and Good Beer takes macro out of the equation. Imagine a beer store in the east village that doesn’t even deal pabst; very bold for New York City. It began as a pro-bottle alternative to over priced pints during the recession (that’s how much the bubble bursts in Manhattan) and still going strong.


Otherwise, I’ve tried some lesser known beers from NY/NJ and it’s my only regret drinking local. Some east coast brewers are making pale ale as pale and thin as adjunct lagers; not metal. The market is there if not the talent…kinda like punk rock. I’ll hold my tongue until gainfully employed but, rest assured, when time comes the axe will fall. Let the games begin.

*Thank You, Robert Plant.

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